When the oldest kid in class is 69 years old!

Durge Kami, 69, was born into a poor family and never received a formal education as a child, but that hasn’t stopped him from finishing school now.


Is this creature too cute to live?

The tarsier is belived to be 45 million years old. Now, it’s under threat. Carlito Pizzaras, aka the Tarsier Man is a former tarsier’s hunter who’s now dedicated his life to saving them.



Cambodia 3D Hand

Bun Vibol is getting to use his right hand for the first time in 30 years, thanks to 3D printing.


Handicap International: 

Standing taller every day

In April 2015, Nirmala and Khendo each lost a leg after suffering injuries during the earthquake. Since then, they’ve received new legs and physical therapy from Handicap International and stand taller every day.

MSNBC Originals:

3D printers saves lifes in Nepal

One year after a devastating series of earthquake in Nepal, one organisation is using a 3D printer to provide assistance to crumbled hospitals in remote areas that have broken medical equipments.


The cemetery with graves for rent

Many of the dead burried at Manila North Cemetery are temporary residents. Permanent resting places are simply out of reach for many, so they rent graves instead. And when the money runs out, it’s Alfonso’s job to evacuate the old remains.


Recycling for coffee

Coffee discount for empty plastic bottles? Sounds like a pretty good deal!


AJ+ Arabic: 

Manila Cemetery – Living with the dead

Many people live in Manila North Cemetery and some of them serve as caretakers of the mausoleums.


Handicap International:


This short film is about the emergency rehabilitation work of Handicap International teams after the earthquake in Nepal.

INTERnational Comittee of the REd Cross (ICRC) : 

Going Mobile with work and life

Ngov Chreb suffered spinal injuries that changed her life forever. After years of suffering the effects of disability, she has found a new livelihood thanks to a project providing financial assistance to people with disabilities in Battambang, Cambodia.


Prosthetic mobile clinic

Sophal stepped on a landmine when he was 18. he just got his prosthetic leg fixed thanks to this new mobile clinic.